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CITATefl Scholarship Program

Teaching abroad is fascinating, both personally and professionally, however, it can be very daunting at some points, from finding your destinations, sorting out ideal employers and positions, getting ready for interviews, learning about your new living styles and conditions, checking out accommodations,  buying airplane tickets, especially, when it comes to the point when you need to pursue a TEFL Certificate and it tries to pull hundreds of dollars out of your pocket.


Okay, now you might be ready to tighten up your pants and start to calculate how many Starbucks coffee you will have to sacrifice and how much time you will have to wait in order to save up and move forward.


Here is some good news, CITA supports their teachers to the full extent, as a qualified CITAFamily Member, you may not only be qualified for CITA Financial Aid but also a TEFL Scholarship to cover your full TEFL Certification. Check it out!!

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