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the education of creativity at the CitaSchool of Design! is an international online academy founded in an international community. It is an academic center where multicultural students find their best place and thrive quickly; a belt and bridge between new immigrants and the real America; a welcoming center for students to gain multicultural awareness and embrace diversity; an online-to-offline system for cost-efficient learning; a pathway to social, emotional and academic success!

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What Is CitaSchool

Online-to-Offline, Quality Learning for Multicultural Students

CitaSchool is currently 100% face-to-face online learning


Meet With Hundreds Of CITA Teachers

An Online-to-Offline Integral American School


CitaSchool™ is the starting point of the California International Teachers Association (CITA) where the identification of quality American education for multicultural students was declared. For 12 years, from helping international students realizing their studying in America dreams, to supporting foreign students maintaining their high academic achievement, to providing social/emotional integral directories, helping students succeed has been feeding back in return and became the driving force of the foundation of CITA. CitaSchool™ is our history, tradition, and key to a brighter future of the association. 

CitaSchool™,又名喜答®國際私塾,起源於2008年數位旅居海外的美國教師創辦於中華泰山腳下的“美國同步課堂”和國際教師俱樂部,後者歷經數載發展成為今日的加州國際教師聯盟(California International Teachers Association)。同步課堂的核心美國教師團隊于2013年回到美利堅,之後以聯合貝課®國際課堂的形式為海外學生以及機構提供學術支持。隨後幾經升級重組,通過喜答®國際私塾(CitaSchool)為國際教育機構提供教學支持,憑藉優秀的專業教師團隊和豐富的教學管理經驗獲得諸多良機,先後與新航道、K12 ACADEMY、滔滔國際(亞洲最大投資公司藍色光標領投)等知名教育機構建立緊密教學合作關係。2020年,CitaSchool將重心收回美國本土,竭誠服務當地社區。

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2008 Integral American Classrooms

CITA possesses a proud history of being a dedicated contributor to the academic success of international students and that of a great number of local American students with a multicultural background. After 12 years of consistent upgrades and learning, we have gained the know-why and know-how on how to make the right moves. 



Plant-rooted In International Communities

Multicultural education has been a challenge to teachers from across all American States as students with a multicultural background do acquire knowledge from different perspectives. It takes knowledge and experience to make a win in this very specific situation and CitaSchool has it all. 



CitaSchool Offline Core Curriculums

No matter how cost-efficient online learning is, it can not and shall not replace offline face-to-face interactions. CitaSchool has implemented an offline session for almost every course, and through CitaCamp™, an outdoor program where offline components outweigh online secessions, CitaSchool is creating a well-balanced online-to-offline structure for best cost-efficient learning outcomes. 



CitaSchool Offline PBL/Language Immersion

This section is the afternoon section of a typical K8 school in the United States. Project-Based Learning (PBL) and Language Immersion curriculums are provided in this section. Group and outdoor activities are common types of learning.

About CitaSchool
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Professional Teachers Leading CitaSchool

They are making the California International Teachers Association proud!

  • CITA members who have taught with CitaOnline for 100+ hours

  • TEFL/TESOL Certified

Reaching for a Book

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Meet CitaSchool Leadership Team

Becoming a CitaFamily Member is step NO.1 to all Cita programs, including CitaOnline, CitaTalks, CitaTefl, and CitaPublish. CitaFamily Members represent the most experienced educators and teachers in the field of international education and teaching to multi-cultural students.

What Do You Learn At CitaSchool

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K12 Academic Subjects For Driven Students

Currently K12 school teachers, or teaching professionals who were teaching at any of the K12 schools in the United States, Canada, U.K., Australia, Newzealand, and other English speaking countries. 

Taking an Exam

All K12 Test Preps

In order to be CitaOnline™ Qualified, a teacher will need to be credentialed, which means he or she needs to hold a teacher's license, regardless of its status. Literally, if you are currently holding or used to hold teaching license issued at the state level, you are qualified to join the CitaOnline program.

Office Talk

Academic Planning and School Admission Consulting

ESL Awareness is NOT a must but a huge plus. As an international teacher, a great number of your students would come from ESL backgrounds, understanding their language key points would be of great help during your whole teaching process. Check out our Basic 40-Hour TEFL/TESOL Certificate Program.

Meet With CitaSchool Leadership Team

Meet our team
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