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Understand Our Roles


A platform, but not the boss. Our excellent teachers go hand-in-hand and formed the CitaFamily™, together we set up a stage called CitaOnline where teachers would stand up, share their valuable knowledge and explore their possibility to schools, learning centers, and individual students from all over the world. This is where excellent international teachers meet with international schools and institutes, this is where opportunities are being generated every minute! CitaOnline™ puts the two ends together, connect the teaching contractors with the projects. In this most efficient way, YES, we are the intersection of the most motivated educators and the most successful international schools, in this best way we started to share quality education with children from the other side of the planet. 

International Teachers/Contractors/Partners

CitaOnline™ instructors are contractors who take on Teaching Projects (TPs) per their expertise and fulfill the TPs with high quality of professionalism and dedication to bring out excellent learning outcomes for each kid they coach. CitaOnline instructors are no employees to Cita or partners of Cita's, instead, they are CitaOnline


International Schools/Institues

Schools, including private and public schools, learning centers and all types of educational institutes and workshops, domestically and internationally, who directly offer learning-services to students, are the other partners of CitaOnline™. As a B2B program, CitaOnline stands in between and put the hands of partners from two sides TOGETHER!

Understand The Overall Process

Partners Schools

CitaOnline Partner Schools Generate Teaching Projects (TPs) per the needs of their students and send them to CitaOnline™ through internal channels. 

CitaOnline™ Admin Center

Confirm receiving of Teaching Projects, sort out and categorize the TPs and redirect them toward qualified CitaOnline™ Instructors in the network. 

CitaOnline™ Instructors

Accept TPs, meet-up with students immediately, demonstrate the subject and lesson successfully, sign the TP-SOW (Statement of work), stick to the schedule, and fulfill the project.

Teach With CitaOnline

Teaching Contractors Are More Successful Here

Popular Subjects In The Teaching Projects

Correlating To Common Core State Standards

English Literature

English Phonics, Reading and Writing are of great importance to academic and overall achievement of a child


Stimulate your students’ inquisitiveness and help them articulate the questions they have about the world around them.


Math is more than just about numbers — it is about how our world and surrounding universe works. 

STEM/Critical Thinking

STEM and Critical Thinking develops a child’s problem-solving skills with STEM lessons and critical thinking activities. 

Social Studies

Encourage your students to explore different cultures and landforms with social studies books


For English language learners. Our engaging activity programs and watch the motivation in your students soar.


The SAT is a standardized test widely used for college admissions in the United States and managed by the College Board. There is a increasingly number of students worldwide who are in need of extra help on the test prep.


The ACT is a standardized test used for college admissions in the United States. It is currently administered by ACT, a nonprofit organization of the same name. Sixty percent—about 2.03 million students—of the 2017 high school graduating class took the ACT, and more internationally. 


Advanced Placement is a program in the United States and Canada created by the College Board which offers college-level curricula and examinations to high school students. More and more students are taking AP exams as a necessary prep for college admissions.

Curriculum and Subjects

Attention to your timezone

Busy international teaching hours: 

Monday-Friday 5:00 PM-9:00 PM

Saturday-Sunday 8:00 AM-9:00 PM

(TimeZone: Shanghai)

Figure Out Your Availability

User-friendly Online Classrooms

ClassIn™ for Live Online Teaching

ClassIn is a strategic online platform of Cita's, which has been put in the application for 5+ years. It is the platform most dedicated to quality online teaching by providing all kinds of smart tools to stimulate online classroom interaction and interest, which makes it an even more effective learning method than traditional classroom learning when it comes to the utmost convenience of presenting supporting materials, etc. 

Zoom™ for Education

Modern learning for the modern student, Zoom helps universities and schools improve student outcomes with secure video communication services for hybrid classrooms, office hours, administrative meetings, and more.

Zoom is often used as a back-up platform for CitaOnline, especially for classes with a large group of attendants. 

(Zoom™ is a trademark of Zoom Video Communications, Inc)

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