CitaOnline FAQs

FAQ101 Where Do I Find Teaching Project Information?

Teaching Projects (TPs) come from a variety of students worldwide, but for now, primarily Asia, we are slowly expanding to local American communities as there is a large population of students coming from multicultural families. TPs will be delivered to you through email and the online classroom messaging portal in a form of TP Info Card (TPIC). On the TPIC you will see basically everything about a TP, including pay rates for this specific TP. Then you decide if you'd want to take on it or not.

FAQ102 Do I need to do demo classes? Are teachers being paid for demos?

Yes. The first class of every single TP is considered a Demo, unless it's the same student or class renewing the same incomplete course. Every Demo is a great time for an instructor and the students to meet up and find out about each other. You, the teacher, are gauging the student’s level of understanding and language. It takes two parties to make a great fit, between the style an instructor teaches and the personality of the student coming to your class. We will try to match you with the appropriate students, but don't be disappointed if after the demo, the student, the student’s school or parents decide the fit is just not right. Yes. Teachers are paid for demo, but at half the rate of the TP. This allows clients to try one or two different teachers, so it is your job to impress!

FAQ103 How long is a regular class? What time of the day will I be teaching?

45 minutes for K8 students, 60 minutes for High School and AP/SAT/ACT/TOEFL courses. That’s the short answer. The long answer is, It depends. We have 30 minute lessons and 60 minute lessons, sometimes longer. Of course we expect you to prepare in advance, so account for your own prep time. When? All times, around the clock, we are teaching around the world! Each teacher sets up his or her own availability and informs CitaOnline. Students will only be able to see available teachers when looking at a subject they desire to learn and time frame they desire to attend class in. The busy international online teaching hours are usually around: Shanghai, China Time: Monday-Friday 3PM-10PM, Saturday-Sunday 8AM-10PM Los Angeles, PST DST Time: Sunday-Thursday 12AM-7AM, Friday-Saturday 5PM-7AM You decide how many hours you would like to teach every week, you will be an independent contractor, you are your own boss.

FAQ104 Will there be training offered by CitaOnline?

Yes. CitaOnline offers training on our online platform before your first demonstration lesson with an actual international student. We will also follow up weekly with pointers for your first two months with Cita, and monthly followups thereafter. In addition, our family of teachers is connected by weekly e-mails from our Senior Teaching Advisor and ongoing support in our evolving online environment.

FAQ105 Do I have to hold a TEFL/TESOL Certificate in order to be CitaOnline qualified?

NO. Not necessary. However, we strongly encourage CitaFamily members to complete at least a Basic 40-Hour TEFL/TESOL (120-hour TEFL/TESOL certificate is usually required for an employment visa to teach abroad) certificate before they take on any international teaching project, for the fact is that over 90% of international teachers speaks English as a foreign language, and you are going to encounter a lot of ESL issues if you have no ESL awareness. Also, teachers equipped with TEFL/TESOL certificates tend to be more popular around international students and get more bookings and Teaching Projects.

FAQ106 What equipment and facilities do I have to prepare?

Good question! 1. Computer. A fast running laptop, or a desktop with a camera. 2. Internet. Fast and stable internet, a wired connection is recommended for best signal; 3. Headset. This is strongly encouraged. It not only makes you look prepared and professional but also provides clearer speaking and hearing and smooth communication during the class. 4. Lighting. Make sure there is bright and comfortable lighting over your face to enhance facial communication with your students. 5. Quiet environment. As an independent contractor and your own boss, customer experience is critical for a successful business. Your students/schools will definitely not be happy to see or hear someone else talking, walking and enjoying themselves around you while you teach. 6. Proper background. Your online classroom is yours to create. Serious online educators decorate their walls with educational and professional posters and art to create a fun, inviting, learning atmosphere. Anything else, including tools, toys, puppets and objects you choose to present is your call. How far out do you want to go? The possibilities online are endless.

FAQ107 When is the pay day, how is the payroll process, and what's the payment method?

The 15th of each month is the pay day. This payment will be for the previous month’s work. You will receive an invoice sent out from our accounting and admin office during the first week of the month for your approval, once approved it will be locked up and sent to our accounting department to be paid during the next week, so no later than the 15th of the month, you shall receive your payment. Please refer to the Master Agreement and learn more about payroll. 99% of the payments are made through PayPal, safe and convenient.

FAQ108 Are we going to sign any contracts or agreement?

Definitely. 1. CitaOnline Master Agreement for Independent Contractors (COMA). You may find a sample version of it under the Terms and Conditions page on our website. 2. A Statement Of Work (SOW) will need to be signed for every single Teaching Project you will take on.

FAQ109 What's the pay rate?

Normally between $18-$45/Hour, it depends on your overall qualification, and especially the Teaching Project you take on. Different TPs will offer different compensation rates, according to the subjects. the amount of hours, etc. Talk to the Operations Director for details at

FAQ110 How many hours do I have to teach?

It's up to you. As an independent contractor you are your own boss. Most teachers would do 5-10 hours of teaching every week.

FAQ112 What is a Fulfillment Bonus Rate?

The FB is applied when a teacher fulfills a Teaching Project. FB is applied to TPs excluding AP/SAT/ACT Test Prep TPs. If/when a teacher drops or quits a TP before it's fully completed, he or she will only be paid the hours taught per the regular rate, he or she won't get the Fulfillment Bonus. However, when the student drops the TP before it’s fulfilled for a reason NOT mainly of sub-quality teaching, the teacher will get paid the hours taught per the FB rate. Again, there are basically two pay rates involved regarding the compensation of a TP. 1. Regular Pay Rate. The hourly rate to teach a TP. 2. Fulfillment Bonus Rate. Talk to the Operations Director for details at

FAQ111 What time of the day do I need to teach?

You decide what time you would like to teach every day. As an independent contractor you are your own boss. Refer to FAQ003 for busy hours. Check your time zone and see what that means for you. For example, our west coast teachers work from 1 or 2:00 AM to 5 or 6:00 AM Sunday-Thursday, and 4 or 5:00 PM to 5 or 6:00 AM Friday and Saturday nights.

FAQ113 Are lesson plans and class materials being provided?

Yes, they are. We will provide digital copies of workbook style texts, which require very minor preparation before class, just follow the plan of the book, and you should be okay during your teaching. Yes, you are welcome and encouraged to add your own resources to your online lesson. The more entertaining and engaging your classes are, the more students will request your class. Multimedia; videos, pictures, games, PPTs are all great ways to add to your teaching experience. One important note to AP TEST PREP TUTORS: Curricula for your classes are not provided due to the nature of your services.

FAQ114 As an Independent Contractor, why do I need to sign a contract with CitaOnline?

Every relationship is based on trust. Contracts help us verify that trust will continue for an agreed upon period of time. There are two types of agreements you will need to confirm with CitaOnline. First would be the CitaOnline Master Agreement (CMA), which gives us a guideline of the whole period of you plan to spend working with CitaOnline. You will need to sign this yearly to continue our trusting relationship. CMA is signed once a year. Shall be signed before your first class with us, including the demo classes. The second one is the SOW (Statement Of Work), which specifies the details of each TP (Teaching Project), including name of the school, name of the student, grade level, subject, total hours and number of lessons, detailed schedules being planned (including demo), pay rate, etc. SOW shall be signed for every single TP. You will need to confirm the SOW before you can take on the TP. After you take it on, you need to stick to it and try your best to fulfill the whole project as a responsible independent contracted teacher. So, to summarize, you will need to sign the CMA before any work with CitaOnline, once a year; and confirm each SOW before every TP you take on to ensure our ongoing cooperation..

FAQ115 How much prep time is needed for each lesson?

About 15 minutes. If you are a Cita-qualified teacher, it shouldn't take YOU long to prepare for a lesson for the following reasons: 1. All Cita qualified teachers are capable K-12 American School teachers or better, sometimes much better. 2. All CitaOnline subjects are K12 CCSS school subjects 3. All Teaching Projects are offered to teachers per their preferred expertise and availability, based on YOUR specifications, so it’s probably something that you’ve taught before Based on this, it really shouldn’t take long to prepare for your online lesson.

FAQ116 How many hours weekly are we required to teach?

No minimum or max hours required. You are a contractor and your own boss, you got to tell us your time slots, we will sort projects that fall into your time frame.

FAQ117 How long does each project last?

The length of projects varies, normally, the smallest projects are 10 hours, the longer ones can be up to 50 hours which take a few months to fulfill.

FAQ118 How many days and hours will the training take?

The training usually takes about 3 hours of online interaction with our teaching advisors, it also takes you some time to watch tutorial videos and doing practices on your own.

FAQ119 Do we have a set schedule once we choose our time slots?

Once you take on a project, it has its schedule you will need to follow. For example, if a project is about teaching a G5 Science on Monday and Wednesday at 8:00 PM, the schedule is set in that way until the project is over. You can take on any many projects as possible per your opportunities and availability. The schedules of all your projects would form the whole schedule of yours, and it changes from time to time as some projects will be fulfilled and some are fresh in hands.

FAQ120 When does the first project start?

The time the first project starts depends on when you are fully trained and ready to go. Normally after you pass the training session, our admin team can get you projects to demo to in just a few days. Make sure you will stay in active and close touch with your TA-Teaching Advisor and get your training done as soon as you can if you want to put your toes into the pool of projects.

FAQ121 How long is the training process, and when could I start?

After you complete your application process you may start your training session immediately. Normally it only takes about 3 hours to meet with your teaching advisor online, well it does require some time to teach yourself how to use our platform.

FAQ122 What the application process looks like?

1. Submit your resume to or apply to our job posts in multiple channels. 2. If our team of teaching advisors likes your resume, you will be invited to attend one of our CitaOnline Group Meetups and speak to our Teaching Advisors; if the meetup schedule doesn't work for you, you may choose to speak in front of camera, record your self-introduction and send it to 3. If our team of teaching advisors thinks you'd make a good fit to CitaOnline, you will be contacted to complete your applications by submitting the rest of the materials, and be invited to signup to our online classroom. 4. CitaOnline Admin team and Teaching Advisors will be in touch with you for training and further steps.

FAQ123 Would there be contract involved?

YES. There will be two typs of contract involved: 1. MAC (Master Agreement for Contractors); 2. SOW (Statement Of Work for projects) MAS last for a year, SOW shall be confirmed for each project.

FAQ124 How much work would a teacher receive?

It depends on the factors below: 1. Time slots the teacher opens. It is up to the teacher to decide how much time he or she would like to open for projects by informing CitaOnline admins of their availabilities. CitaOnline would work on sorting out projects that fall in a teacher's time slot. In a word, the more you want to work, the more projects you will get. 2. Opportunities. CitaOnline does not control or predict how much business would come in even though they try to, and it can control how interactive a teacher might be, as when projects come in all qualified teachers would know about it, it's only fair to excecute the first-confirm-first-take rule. It does happen that for some reasons some teachers would respond to offers very slowly until the customers can't wait. Contractors are their own bosses, they are responsible for their own success, CitaOnline teaching advisors are only here to offer free but invaluable advice.

FAQ125 Are students placed with a teacher or do students choose the teacher

Either way a teacher will have to go through the evaluation. Before a student is placed with a teacher, CitaOnline admin team would evaluate a teacher to see if he or she would make a good fit to the learning needs. Before a student choose a teacher, he or she would definitely request a demo class to be done by the teacher. Teachers who deliver quality teaching services would for sure be loved by both CitaOnline Admin team and the schools/students.

FAQ100 What makes CitaOnline different from other companies like VIPKid, etc?

Regardless of the flexibility and career potentials you are going to enjoy in the CitaFamily, there is this one key feature that's sure enough to make CitaOnline stand out.
When you teach at VIPKid you will be working with one company, while with CitaOnline you will be indirectly working with an unlimited number of CITA partner companies, schools, and institutes with CitaOnline taking care of the hassles in the front.
Yes, you definitely could teach with VIPkid, VVIPKid, and more at the same time, as long as you'd like to handle the chaos of having to go into the jungle and hunt for projects on your own. Consider the insecureness, language barriers, cultural conflicts, and more.

FAQ126 Is there an avg number of hours worked by others that are in the same role I will be? Is it difficult to get projects booked? What does a typical project look like in terms of hours?

We partner up with schools and institutes, bring in projects, and offer them to our teachers. Teachers catch the opportunities, earn them and fulfill them. At the same time, always be ready for more in order to fill their open hours. All teachers are different, as when it comes to teaching performance it seems like everyone is at different levels. Some of them work full-time in online teaching, we have teachers who have been with us for years, making $30-40/hr, and teaching 50 hours per month. It happens that some schools strongly request a certain teacher because they appreciate his or her teaching service so much they have turned themselves into loyal customers, and if they don't her/him they'd rather terminate the cooperation with CITA. However, in some reverse circumstances, some teachers get very few projects, because unfortunately few schools and students appreciate his/her teaching and these teachers are not open-minded or humble for advice. It depends on yourself largely, my friends. You are your own boss. Before you start with CitaOnline you should ask yourself, how many hours would you like to open for business? are you ready to work hard to earn your reputation in the market? do you keep yourself humble for teaching advice and make improvements? We can only advise you, we can't make you do anything, you are not our employee. A great number of teachers would get their hands on projects the next day after they are done training. The smallest projects are 10+ hours. Don't worry about how small they are, if you do a good job, projects will bury you trust me, you are going to have to say sorry can't take anymore! It's a fair market. We believe so.

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