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Teach Internationally

California International Teachers Association Online Services (CitaOnline) is a platform where international teachers get the strongest support, sufficient advice, and a handful of international teaching resources. In this program, teachers are contractors under no boss, entrepreneurs with passions, and explorers seeking their utmost capabilities. 

Partner up with CitaOnline international teachers, this is where you'll be your own boss, cash out your knowledge, expand your horizon, and reach out to a bigger world of opportunities!

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What is CitaOnline

Cita Qualified K12 School Teachers

Cita is proudly founded by a group of K12 school teachers who are passionate about spreading the light to the furthest scope, and who make actual steps towards it instead of dreaming about it. They are armed with ESL awareness, open-minded wisdom, and modern tech readiness. They are their own boss, taking on teaching projects under their own choice, and fulfill to their utmost level of quality!

Expanding With State-Of-The-Art Technology

Thanks to the ever-developed educational and information technology, conveyance of knowledge has never been so simply, quick and efficient.  CitaOnline brings the state-of-the-art LIVE online classroom software, and makes it possible to create an online in-person learning and teaching experience for instructors and students. 

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Why Partner Up With CitaOnline

Expanded Career

Put no limit to yourself as a professional teacher, especially when there are a great many children lack of quality education

Flexibility and Sustainability

It doesn't have to be so hard to do something great, set up your own schedule and availability, be your own boss

Meaningful Challenge

Education is the best contribution one can make to society, international education is the same way to the world. It's a meaningful challenge with multiple benefits and rewards.

Ongoing Opportunities

Backed up with hundreds of schools, centers, and institutes from all over the world, there is an on-going and a great number of teaching projects to fulfill.

Payment Security

Working with foreign companies you have no idea of brings you a tremendous amount of discomfort and feeling of insecurity, while Cita, a local institute, steps out and have you covered.

Beneficial Community

It's a supportive and solid community of teaching professionals and educators from a local and global scope. Pick a community and belong to it.

CitaOnline Partner Schools

Domestically & Internationally

This Is Where Teaching Projects Are Coming From

Public K12 Schools

Oriental public K12 schools are actively seeking international education resources to bring into their classrooms

Private K12 Schools

Private K12 schools are more flexible and adaptive to new educational concepts and methods, they are eager to explore

International Schools

SAT/ACT/AP/A-LEVEL/IB are common subjects of international schools in China and many other regions. 

English Learning Centers

The heating market of ESL has never gone down and never will. English has ways been the NO.1 Subject of international education.

International Education Institute

International education institutes offer educational services to students who are planning to study abroad

Afterschool Programs

Especially in economically more developed cities, families are in an ever-growing need for international courses as extracurriculars

Major Regions CitaOnline Is Linked To

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What Are CitaOnline Teaching Projects?


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