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CITACamp® Outdoor Classroom Lead Teacher


2:30PM-6:00 pm


  • Responsibilities

  • Lead members through purposeful programming dedicated to building achievement and belonging in youth and relationships among youth and within families.

  • Maintains close visual supervision of a group of assigned members in a weekly session and in alignment with program ratios set by the CITACamp™.

  • Ensure that no child is left unsupervised or staff alone with a child at any time.

  • Help members manage behavior using a positive approach, including proactive strategies, redirection and using constructive discipline with natural and logical consequences.

  • Planning, preparation, and leading weekly outdoor classroom activities with an emphasis of developmentally appropriate, culturally relevant, and within the guidelines of the CITACamp™'s program standards.

  • Adheres to program standards including safety and cleanliness standards, maintains the site and equipment, and maintains required program records in accordance with CITACamp™ expectations.

  • Makes ongoing, observations of each student. Communicates with supervisor regarding student's development.

  • Cultivates positive relationships and maintains effective communication with parents. Engages parents as volunteers and connects them to the CITACamp™.

  • Attends and participates in family events, program activities, staff meetings, and training.

  • Follows CITACamp™ policies and procedures, including those related to medical and disciplinary situations, child abuse prevention and emergencies. Follows reporting procedures and proactively responds to situations to ensure a safe environment for all involved.

  • Understands and complies with current federal, state, local regulations, American Camping Association (ACA) standards, and CITA policies and procedures at all times.


CITACamp® Outdoor Classroom Assistant Teacher


2:30PM-6:00 pm




Minimum 18 Years Old

Preferred: Currently studying or holding a degree in a child-related field from a college or university, such as (but not limited to) education, nursing, or recreation

Experience with summer camp programs and/or youth programming highly desired

  • Must be able to lift 50 lbs., stand, walk, bend, reach, pull, stretch, climb, and move for duration of shift

  • Must be able to participate in indoor and outdoor activities

  • Must be able to work professionally and calmly in an environment which may have heightened noise and stress

  • Must be able to work in warm and humid outdoor conditions

  • Must be able to work Monday - Friday

  • Willing and able to work additional hours, including weekends and evenings, based on the needs of the program and/or other youth programs

  • Must be able to pass a background/LiveScan check 

  • Must have a genuine interest in working with and interacting with children

  • Willing and able to respond immediately and appropriately to multiple or unexpected situations or emergencies

  • Excellent conflict resolution skills and able to diplomatically manage confrontation

  • Current CPR and First Aid certifications a plus

Must enjoy working in a team environment with a willingness to learn and initiative to offer opinions!


Essential Functions and Responsibilities (other duties may be assigned):

  • Supervises and interacts with children in the CITACamp™ program that promotes educationally and developmentally-stimulating programs and outdoor activities, including homework/class time, outdoor/play time, and transportation time.

  • Initiates interactions among children and communicates using a style that builds relationships, promotes teamwork, and supports CITACamp™ goals.

  • Demonstrates perceptive insight toward the needs of children coming and going to camp, and during camp sessions.

  • Promotes the safety and security of all children at all times.

  • Maintains a notable visual presence during shift.

  • Helps with group/classroom management

  • Actively participates in all planned activities.

  • Ensures that the outdoor classroom area is properly cleared and cleaned up at the end of the program. Is willing to clean and help pack up.

  • Helps train new staff when requested.

  • Arrives to work in a timely manner with enough time to prepare for scheduled group.

  • Greets campers and parents as they arrive and leave CITACamp™.

  • Must be at least 18 years of age, must have completed high school (or equivalent), and must meet ONE of the following requirements:

  • Currently studying or holds a Bachelor’s degree in a child-related field from a college or university, such as (but not limited to) education, nursing, or recreation

  • Have three months experience in at least one of the following education backgrounds:

  • a) Early childhood certification from a college or university.

  • b) A child development credential.

  • c) A teaching diploma from an internationally or nationally recognized organization

  • Documented training related to the care of children, including but not limited to: child development, playground safety, health and safety issues, and preventing and reporting child abuse and neglect

  • If unable to work, proactively seeks substitutes for shifts and immediately informs supervisor of the substitution

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