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Welcome to CITA

Since 2007, we have been connecting the world with our arms of excellent international educators, and today California International Teachers Association carries on the mission to change the world one international teacher at a time, through training, teaching and expanding. 

The California International Teachers Association is a for-profit international education institute formed by a great number of international teachers, educators, participating in international educational endeavors. We stand together hand in hand to provide the global community with the highest-quality teaching to multicultural students, international students, and schools from all over the world.  For the first time, students who used to have a very limited quality of education will now have our help, anywhere, anytime.  Our international teachers become more successful through training, practicing and expanding their online skills. We are dedicated to discovering the best practices for Teaching to Multicultural Students, developing and applying state-of-the-art online teaching technology, sharing and delivering the best quality online teaching services, and effectively marketing through multiple channels to promote our value and philosophy throughout the States and beyond all borders.

Cita Milestones

What is CitaOnline

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