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About The CitaFamily


Our excellent teachers go hand-in-hand and form the CitaFamily™, through CitaOnline™ we started to share quality education with children from the other side of the planet. For best learning outcome, children need to be monitored throughout their international online learning process either by their mentors or learning institutes they directly belong to, for which CitaOnline™ defines it's role as B2B when it comes to business collaboration, we work with schools and institutions ONLY and let them deal with admins of their own students, they are better at it, the outcome is better for the kids.

CitaFamily Club Homeland

Teach to multicultural students

CitaFamily Club Overseas

Teach Abroad

Find Out About TEFL

Scholarship For CitaFamily Members

CitaOnline Partner Schools

Public K12 Schools

Oriental public K12 schools are actively seeking international education resources to bring into their classrooms

Private K12 Schools

Private K12 schools are more flexible and adaptive to new educational concepts and methods, they are eager to explore

International Schools

SAT/ACT/AP/A-LEVEL/IB are common subjects of international schools in China and many other regions. 

English Learning Centers

The heating market of ESL has never gone down and never will. English has ways been the NO.1 Subject of international education.

International Education Institute

International education institutes offer educational services to students who are planning to study abroad

Afterschool Programs

Especially in economically more developed cities, families are in an ever-growing need for international courses as extracurriculars

CFC Locations:

CFC Suzhou/Shanghai

TechCenter NO.3, Jinjihu Rd, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China


Tracy Soo

CFC Locations(Coming soon)

CFC Nagoya

CFC Seoul

CFC Beijing

CFC Guangzhou

CFC Singapore

CFC Taipei

CITAFamily™ Overseas Clubs (CFC)

CITAFamily™ is an overseas club program that CITA created to offer 24/7 care to CITA Members who participate in the TeachMate™ Abroad program. CITAFamily Clubs offer the following services to TeachMate™ Abroad Members:

  • 24/7 emergency contact; when you are sick, accidentally break the local law, get into an accident, or lost on the street ;-), you are no longer alone in a foreign country, give CFC managers a call, CITA is your family.

  • Pre-trip advisory and orientation; you will be thoroughly briefed with knowledge of your destination.

  • Airport pick-up; you will be greeted by your CITAFamily members when you land.

  • Living support; you won't have to get lost in life in a strange country, we help you find the comforts of home.

  • CFC member discounts at hundreds of local stores, restaurants, hotels, travel agencies, bars, and recreation facilities, etc, up to 50% off, you may also be qualified for free nationwide tourism packages!

  • Missing a family feeling during holiday season abroad? Not possible anymore with CFC, you will be invited to CFC holiday parties at fascinating destinations and resorts, where you will get to meet with other CFC members who might also have come from your hometown! 

  • You will also be invited to Weekly, Monthly, Seasonally and Annually CFC activities with no extra charge, and you won't be asked to bring any food or drinks unless you insist on doing so!

CITAFamily™ is YOURS, Mi casa es su casa.

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