12 years of International Education Experience


August 2007, a year before the Beijing Olympic Games, our leadership team arrived in China and became the role models of a group of college students who were eager to interact, explore, and acquire new knowledge. The bridge across the border, culture, perspectives and so on significant barriers had then broken the ground and started to rocket up. During these 12 years of adjustment, development, exploration, acquisition, and cooperation, the BRIDGE has built an ever strong foundation.

California International Teachers Association,  founded with BridgeKinder, is a group of elite international educators who hold a global perspective, embrace multi-culture and are open-minded to different opinions. The CITA has started its foundation in 2008 in Shandong, CHINA when a group of international teachers from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia got together for mutual support in Taian, China. 

Knowledge knows no country because it belongs to humanity, and it's the torch that illuminates the world. CITA will carry on the tradition of BridgeKinder, and fully committed itself to spread the light and reach more children around the world.

2008, Shandong, China

2007, Shandong, China