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Participating CITA Members accept and commit themselves to teaching projects posted by CitaPartners, which are learning centers, international education institutes, and private/public schools domestically and internationally. Our excellent teachers went hand-in-hand and formed the CitaFamily™, through CitaOnline™ we started to share quality education with children from the other side of the planet.

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CitaSchool™ is a teachers-to-students international online learning center created by CITA. It bridges two direct parties: American K12 School and Families beyond the border from the bigger world out there. International students attend CitaSchool online, study with Amerian K12 school teachers, and earn academic credits that are recognized by American schools. CitaSchool students may choose to come to the US and attend schools that have offered them admission.

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TEFL/TESOL Certifications

Why is TEFL knowledge important to international teachers? Simply because you will be teaching multicultural students whose first keyword would be ESL Learner. Equipping yourself with a solid understanding of how the English language meant to them will definitely help you swipe out a big load of obstacles in your future teaching career. More preparation may quicken the speed at work, take your time and find out more TEFL/TESOL programs before you hit the road.

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CitaTalks™ about Teaching To Multicultural Students, here in the United States and beyond the border into the bigger world. Nowadays, international teachers are NOT only a definition of the educators who expand beyond the border and spread the knowledge, but also of those who are teaching domestically to the ever-growing number (estimated to go above 50% of the total in 2050) of students with a multicultural background. Teaching to multicultural students is one topic no educator can go around!

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CitaPublishing (C.P.) is a project initiated by CITA to offer group publishing opportunities to CitaFamily members. Qualified educators would take part in this project and contribute with their invaluable professional knowledge and years of teaching experience to books being written by the CP team, more importantly, they will be one of the authors who publish the books together. CP Authors enjoy success, honor, and profit together. CitaPublishing carries on the mission and vision of the CITA, explores and presents opportunities to proud teachers and educators. Again, TOGETHER WE CAN!

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Teach With CitaOnline™

Together with hundreds of K12 School teachers

CitaOnline Group Meetup

  • Time: Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, 6:00 PM-6:30 PM PST Session 1, 6:30 PM-7:00 PM, PST, Session 2.

  • Host: CitaOnline Teaching Advisor Team

  • Participants: Teachers who are interested in joining CitaOnline program and taking on teaching projects as part-time work

  • Topics: Basic introductions of Cita and the CitaOnline Program, how it works, how teachers get started, and what to expect, etc. Candidates introduce themselves, find their matching points with CitaOnline, figure out their best time slots, etc.

  • Join: Please email a photoed resumed to and apply to join, once approved you will receive an invitation with detailed meeting information. 



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